Litter E

Born on
18 Oktober 2005
2 beautiful POLYDACTYL kitten!
The proud parents are:

Ch. Chat Botté Bob Marley (Dustin)    

 Ormedons Candy P Cookie
 Black tortie tabby

The pictures of Ethan and Esperanza are made by the age of 10 weeks!

Ethan P Grant of Magic Craft
(Meaning of the name: Strong and Big))

Polydactyl Male
Color: Black (Silver) Tabby Blotched
Birth Weight: 136 gram

Ethan has 3 extra toes on both front-paws and 1 extra toe on both hind-legs.

Through a big mistake made by our Vet at that time, our beloved boy has taken his journey to the Rainbow. We still miss him.

Esperanza P Ebony of Magic Craft
(Meaning of the name: hope and dark beauty)

Polydactyl female
Color: Black tortie
Birth Weight: 96 gram

Esperanza has 2 extra toes on both front-paws.

Pictures above are made by Marian Draat



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