Litter I

Born on:  5 january 2007
the proud parents are:

EC. Chat Botté Bob Marley (Dustin)    

 Ormedons Candy P Cookie
 Black Torbie Blotched


Sex: Female
Color: Black Tabby Blotched

Joany is 11 weeks old on the picture!


Joany 1 day


Joany lives with us!!!



On 8 April 2007 we went to the Mundikat (FIFé) Easter-Show with Joany.
Judge Henry Hornell (NO) fell in love with Joany!
When she arrived at the Judging table he told us right away that she became Ex1 and the other 3 Maine Coons in her group could leave!

He filled in Joany's Judging paper and told us she was really beautiful.
He gave a lot of kisses on Joany's head and cuddled her.

When he was finished with cuddling Joany, he told us today he would nominate an older Maine Coon because they are just a little bit more developed.
BUT, he said, if she was a little bit older he would really nominated her!
And he finished with a lot of kisses and a BIG hug for Joany!

You can understand that we had a very good time at the Judging table.
We were very happy with the result (also because Joany is our first own breed who stay's with us)!



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