Nestje Q


Born on 01-11-2011

The proud parents of a Polydactyl Son:

Ormedons Candy P Cookie & Ch./TICA Ch./Fife Ch. Ziggy Marley Silvi-Cola

Unforgettable P Fire of Magic Craft
MYBPC3 N/N Combination
Gender: Male
Color : Black Tabby Blotched
Birthweight: 170 gram

13 weeks, 2,4 kilo:

10 weeks

3 weeks:

 1 day:


Genetic Diversiteit:
Top 5 -  68,0%
Clones - 33,9%
Inbreeding - 12,3%



Unforgettable P Fire of Magic Craft has grown up with 4 Siamese Sibblings who lost their mother with birth.
His Mum; Candy P took care of them when they where 2 days old untill they became 13 weeks.

Jack, Joe, Averell, Fire P and William


We are very proud of  "Golden Heart Award"
we received from Minams for taking care of the Foster Siamese kittens through Candy P.
from day 2 untill they became 12 weeks



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