Eur.Ch / TICA Ch./ FIFE Ch. Chat Botté Bob Marley (Dustin)



Date Association Country Judge Title Prices
06-05-2007 1.ITAVC DE J. Beulen U2 10th best Adult Allbreed at the WFUring
22-04-2007 NLKV NL G. de Beer CAGCE BIV
25-03-2007 BLKV BE C. Kleinendorst CAGCE BIS
11-11-2006 1.ITAVC DE G. Fietkiewicz

J. Beulen



1th Best Adult Allbreed at the WFU-ring.

29-10-2006 BKV94 BE F. Krediet CACE BIS
10-09-2006 NKU Sara NL M. Dealemans CACE  
14-05-2006 NKU Sara NL F. Krediet CAGCI BIS
07-05-2006 1.ITAVC DE   CAGCI  
16-04-2006 ECF NL L. Wal CAGCI BIS
19-03-2006 B.R.K.V. BE J. Le Brun CACIB BIV
29-01-2006 Neocat NL P. Pobe CACIB  
19-12-2005 ECF NL C. Kleinendorst CACIB  
16-10-2005 NPV NL H. Schlosser CAC BIV
25-09-2005 Neocat NL M. Schildan CAC BIV
Nom. BIS
28-08-2005 NVVK NL D. Reamdonck CAC BIS



Date Association Country Judge Title Prices
22-06-08 RMC/Felikat NL C. Spijker CACIB For Nom. BIS
13-01-2008 Felikat NL H. Reiter CACIB  
21-10-07 Mundikat NL L. Selassa CACIB BIV
16-09-2007 Felikat NL I. Röhr CAC  
08-04-2007 Mundikat NL L. Nordström CAC BIV, For Nom. BIS
14-01-2007 Felikat NL A. Shchukin

F. Calmes
& L. Coste


RMC Ring Special


Best in Group
Best in Color
BOB (of 170 Maine Coons!!)



Date City Country Finals Judge

2th Best Black Maine Coon of the year!!! (showseason 2006/2007)

2/3-06-2007 Montenaken BE 4th Best Cat SP B. Berthelon
2/3-09-2006 Hannover
TICA Annual
DE 4th Best Cat AB
& Best Maine Coon
7th Best Cat AB
Y. Hattori
Vickie Shields


 Picture of the Mundikat (FIFé) show in Gorredijk (NL)

Today my daughter Carmen went to the Mundikat (FIFé) show in Gorredijk together with Gerwin and Bjorn (cattery Fur-real).
Thanks to Gerwin for showing Dustin this day!

Dustin together with Gerwin; he became CACIB + BIV (total)




 Pictures of the TICA Show in Montenaken (BE)

Dustin 4th Best Cat Longhair Specialty.
Judge: Brigitte Berthelon, France

Pictures of the NRKV show in Purmerend (NL)


This show had a Maine Coon Special.
And Dustin was chosen (with 7 other Maine Coon's) for a species-presentation.
Below a short movie of that...

Because the man in the movie is talking in Dutch, below a translation!
This cat is wonderful of length.
He also has a very beautiful big hairy tail, big feats and strong boning in his feats and
he has beautiful eyes.
What I like about a black cat is that they have a shiny coat, absolutely with this fur quality. This is what we call a “silk coat”.

Pictures of the BLKV show in Voortkapel (BE)


Pictures of the Felikat (FIFé) show in Haarlem (NL)

Dustin with the judges (from France).
Left: Fabrice Calmes.
Right: Louis Coste.

This Ring Special for the Maine Coons was organized by RMC.
There were 170 Maine Coons!!!'

Pictures of the 1.Itavc show in Recklinghause (DE)

Pictures of the BKV94 show in Bornem (BE)


Pictures of the TICA Annual show in Hannover (DE)

Dustin 4th Best Cat Allbreed and Best Maine Coon.
Judge: Yukimasa Hattori from Higashi Nagoya, Japan.

Dustin 7th Best Cat Allbreed.
Judge: Vickie Shields from New Mexico, USA.

In the hotel:

Pictures of the ECF show in Rotterdam  (NL)

Dustin BIS!!!

Dustin BOB!!!!

Pictures of the ECF show in Rotterdam  (NL)

Dustin in a row for Best in Show.. 

Ferdinand and Dustin in a row for Best of Best
Father and Son!!

Pictures of the NPV show in Oud Gastel (NL)


Pictures of the Neocat show in Nijmegen (NL)

Dustin BIV

Foto's van de NVVK show in HI Ambacht (NL)

28-08 2005   -   HI Ambacht - NVVK

I had taken Dustin for the fist time to a show. He was very relax and seems to love all the attentions that he got over there. He got his first CAC and I was very proud.
The jury told me that he had a excellent strong head profile and chin, a nice square nose and he was good in proportion. Dustin also has a powerful muscular body and chest. The conclusion of the jury: a promising good looking cat.
I was really proud  but than I was called to stand up with Dustin again.

Now I became very nerves..... Dustin was asked to stand up in line for the nomination "Best in Show". It was the first time with him and I didn't realized he was that heavy (his weight is 8 kilo) so standing in line my arms got lower and lower and I was so nerves, but Dustin was relaxing on my arm! Than they called: "Dustin can stay with 5 votes of 5 jury members"...
I could not believe it!!!! This was the first cat of mine who got a nomination...
now I was really shaking all over!
Luckily for me my befriended breeder Marian Slingerland of Cattery Kawanhee offered herself for me to stand up in line with Dustin for the next nomination Best of the Best. I was so glad that she would do this for me because I couldn't lift my arm anymore.

My Dustin became Best of the Best of the Maine Coon Special!!!!!

I think I was living on a cloud on the stage when I received the Trophy and came back to earth again when I was putting Dustin in his cage.

It was the best experience I had ever had!

Greetings Nympha van den Toorn (who is still living in the clouds)

Dustin Best in Show

Dustin Best of Best


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