Sitalas Oklahoma (Dio)



Dio has a powerful, square muzzle.
A very nice, strong chinn and a very beautifull profile.
His ears are well placed, good size with nice big lynx tips. His eyes have a excellent expression
He is a big and heavy boy and he stands on high strong legs. He also has a long tale.
His Character is very sweet and he likes to kuddle very much!



Date of Birth: 30 January 2015
Color: Blue Tabby Clasic

Thank you Natascha Wendel for this big beautifull male!!

Genetic Diversity:
Top 5 - 71,8%
Clones - 38,5%
Inbreeding - 15,3%


HCM Negative
PKD Negative
Patella Luxatie Negative
Fiv - FelV Negative
HCM Gen MYBPC3 Negative by parents

Dio 1 year:


Dio 4 months:

His parents:
Jackson Sky Beirouth & Sitalas Harmony




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