Who are we?
We are a small Cattery settled in the Netherlands in a small town called Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam). 
We have fallen for the Maine Coon because of their beautiful, looks, those marvellous hairs, the big forceful size and off course their very sweet and social nature.

Breeding goals
Health and character are very important for us.
That is why the main goal of our breeding program is to breed sweet, social and healthy Maine Coons. We also have a polydactyl female in our Cattery to make our breeding program complete. 

We are taking extra care on the Genetic Diversity (more info on www.pawpeds.com) and  heritable illnesses.  
Our cats are tested on Felv, FIV, Patella Luxatie, HCM gen MYBPC3 and they are screened on HCM & PKD.

Way of living
We donít lock up our cats. They have access to the whole house and the garden, so they can decide for themselves where they want to be. 
Our males are not in separated rooms.  They are living between us and our females happily together. 

Now and then we have a litter.
We only place kitten in their new home when they can live there forever and won't be locked up in cages.
Our kittens will grow up in a cosy atmosphere, together with us, our kids, our cats and dog.  

We are member of Mundikat (Fife) en RMC (Rasclub Maine Coon)

All our cats are tested on:
and HCM-Gen MYBPC3

Nympha van den Toorn




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