Sitalas Oklahoma (Dio)                    &            Waborita of Magic Craft

MYBPC3 N/N Combination

Genetic Diversity:

Top 5 - 71,4 %
 Clones - 36,7 %
 Inbreeding 14,5 %

Expected colors:

Males and Females Black-tabby, Black-silver-tabby, Blue-tabby, Blue-silver-tabby,
Black, Black-Smoke, Blue, Blue-Smoke


Sitalas Oklahoma (Dio) & Yce-Age Rachel Magic Craft

MYBPC3 N/N Combination


Expected Colors:

Males:  Red-tabby, Red-silver-tabby, Creme-tabby, Creme-silver-tabby,
 Red, Red-Smoke, Creme, Creme-Smoke

Females: Black-tortie-tabby, Black-silver-tortie-tabby, Blue-tortie-tabby, Blue-silver-tortie-tabby,
Black-tortie, Black-tortie-Smoke, Blue-Creme, Blue-Creme -Smoke.


Genetic Diversity:
Top 5 - 71,6 %
Clones - 36,9 %
Inbreeding - 14,8 %




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