Ch. Big Giants Princessa Erwen (Zo)



Zo is a very beautiful Black Smoke female; her smoke is very nice silver!
She has a long, muscular body.
she also has a very nice strong chinn, a nice square muzzle and a great profile.
Her ears are big and well placed with nice lynxtips.
She stands on high legs and has a long tale.




BIV 3x
Date of Birth:  13 March 2006
Colour: Black Smoke

Danke Gerhard und Angela fur diesen Super Katze!!

Genetic Diversity:
Top 5 - 72,8 %
Clones - 34,4 %
Inbreeding - 13,9 %


HCM april 2007 negatief
PKD april 2007 negatief
Patella Luxatie april 2007 negatief
FIV - FelV   negatief
HCM gen MYBPC3   N/H


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