Our Neuters who still lives with us:


Sitalas Oklahoma:


Yce-Age Rachel of Magic Craft:


Waborita of Magic Craft:


Ch. Big Giants Princessa Eärwen (Zoë)

Born 12-3-2006, click on the picture for more info



Our Neuters we had to replace:


Tequila Sunrise of Magic Craft:

Lives with her 2 granddaughters from litter CC and DD


Fife Ch. / TICA Ch. / Int. Ch. Chat Botté Luna Portia:

Lives with her grandson from litter AA


Bedazzled Zorro:
Lives with Gerda, Sanne & Mathijss together with his son White Bull.
Born 10-3-2012, Click on the picture to see him

Ch. Indiana Joany of Magic Craft

Joany lives with Ronald en Michelle together with her daughter Scarlet.
Born 5-1-2007, Click on the picture to see her

IC Joined Forces Romy (Twister)

Twister lives with Simone
Born 16-1-2007, Click on the picture to see her

In Memoriam

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